Oppermann Associates opened its doors in 1995 with an open door policy, creating a harmonious relationship with our clients in order to instil harmony into their new environments. Lofty thoughts and inspired designs compliment good old basics like being on budget, completing in time and keeping function up there with form.


Good design is instinctive. You can tell at a glance if something works, if something looks good, looks right, serves its purpose. At Oppermann Associates our philosophy of working closely with our clients yields remarkable results time and again. This determined approach to design leads to consistently successful projects, from interiors to exteriors, from domestic to commercial. Our ability to listen, understand and respond, means we can excel in divergent fields with equal proficiency, a talent that has been recognised by our peers who commend us for excellent ‘designs that work’.


At Oppermann Associates we believe new projects are about collaboration, discussion and concord. We enjoy our work, we want you to gain enjoyment from our work.


So, if you have an office to fit out, a spa to chill out, a school to map out or a project where you want to go all out, then come in to Oppermann Associates.

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We operate from the heart of Dublin creating visions of the future with echoes of industry at our heels in D1 The Steelworks, Foley Street, Dublin 1

Stephen, Colm, Michele, Michael and Desmond are our first names, design is our middle name.