Dun An Ri – winner of All Ireland Community & Council Awards 2019 in the Best Educational Building Category

The project comprised of the construction of a new 400 pupil Post Primary School and Sports Hall at the centre of Kingscourt, Co. Cavan.  The new build is approximately 6,000 sq m and comprises of 15 classrooms, four specialist rooms – Music, Multimedia Textiles, design / Communications / Technical Graphics, Art and Craft room, 4 x Science Labs  – a Home Economics room, two Construction and Engineering rooms, one Technological preparation area, library, guidance facilities and offices and a dining facility.

The Special Education Needs suite comprises of central activities base, two base classrooms with associated withdrawal rooms, multi-sensory room, para-educational room, practical activity room and a daily living skills area.

The project was on a challenging steeply sloping site (circa 10metres from main road to school entrance and was Delivered on time and on budget. Despite strict and tight DoES budgets with a limited area schedule, good quality design with excellent social areas and break out spaces were achieved. Equal consideration was given to the exterior spaces as those inside resulting in a great environment and range of areas for the pupils to relax, learn, play and unwind. Despite the significant level differences on the site, the final solution is universally accessible throughout.

This project completed in November 2017.


All Ireland Community & Council Awards 2019

Dun An Ri