From ugly duckling to swan…

November 28th, 2018

Permanent TSB, 70 Grafton Street, Dublin 2

The recent reopening of 70 Grafton Street by Permanent TSB as their flagship bank revealed a magnificent transformation from a cramped introverted bunker into a bright modern lively retail environment worthy of its place on Dublin’s premier retail street.

The Architects, Oppermann Associates, overcame a huge physical challenge working in a live environment in a very busy location with an operating boutique hotel above.  The former bank was completed, stripped back, leaving only the main structure intact. A new expansive shopfront was installed, a lift and a complete refit in just 5 months.

Given the age of the building, there were a few surprises which required immediate on-site design team solutions and decisions to keep the programme on track.

The bank that has emerged is light years away from its former self and evokes a new confidence with this fine new public statement.

The interior is refreshingly bright and open with an easily understandable layout and an array of customer services.

Permanent tsb PTSB Grafton St Permanent tsb Permanent tsb