AIB, Eyre Square, Galway

AIB Eyre Square Galway AIB Eyre Square Galway AIB Eyre Square Galway

This project involved the upgrade / refurbishment of a four storey over basement office building originally constructed some 50 years ago on the corner of Eyre Square and Victoria Place in the centre of Galway City.

Internally the 1,300 sq. m. building was stripped back to a “grey box”, all services and internal finishes were replaced over a six month period at a cost of €2.3m.

Internally, the external walls were insulated, and the roof was stripped back, insulated and reinstalled to improve the carbon footprint of the building.  Oil boilers were removed, and heat pumps installed to heat the building.  Daylight and motion sensors were installed on the new LED lighting installations.

Visually the internal appearance was greatly improved with the installation of open plan layouts and ceiling rafts (exposing concrete structure).  A new BMS was installed to ensure that installed systems did not act against each other.  This project completed in February 2023.

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