Mixed Use Development, Crushrod Avenue

Crushrod Avenue Crushrod Avenue Crushrod Avenue Crushrod Avenue

This project consists of the construction of a mixed‐use development (c. 5,712 sqm) on a site of c. 0.91 ha. located at Crushrod Avenue, Drogheda, Co. Louth, A92 V20V (Projected Structure).

The development will consist of:

a)       The demolition of the single storey store (c. 34 sq m) located on the western gable of the existing thatched house (RPS Ref. DB‐042) and its replacement with a new single storey contemporary building extension (c. 18 sqm);
b)      The demolition of a 2‐no. existing single storey sheds (c. 108 sqm in total), 2 no. derelict hay sheds (c. 300 sqm), a barn (c. 77 sqm) and a lean‐to (c. 17 sqm).
c)       The refurbishment and modification of the thatched house to provide for a change of use to a café (c. 91 sqm), including; reinstatement of cob walls and patch work to the external render; repair and retention of the timber roof structure; conservation repairs to the historic thatched roof coverings; replacement of the existing front door (south elevation) with a door; conservation repairs to the existing sash windows throughout the cottage, including the reinstatement of a currently blocked window on the north elevation.
d)      Modifications to the part single storey part two story farm building to provide for 2 no. retail units at ground floor level (c. 66 sqm in total) and 1 no. one bedroom apartment unit above (c. 73 sqm).

The proposed development will also consist of the construction of 55 no. dwelling units arranged in 5 no. building blocks, comprising; 8 no. one‐bedroom and 18 no. two‐bedroom apartments units (26 no. apartment units) in two 3 to 4 storey residential blocks (Block A and Block B); 10 no. ground floor two‐bedroom duplex apartments and 10 no. two bedroom duplex apartments units above (20 no. apartments units in total) in two 3‐storey residential blocks (Block C and Block D); 7 no. 2storey two‐bedroom houses and 2 no. 3 storey three‐bedroom houses (9 no. terrace houses in total) in a terraced block (Block E).

This project is currently in the Planning Process.

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